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2018 Campaign Objective

We had the chance to work on Spark Connection’s full campaign; from Out-of-Home Advertising, Digital and even a Social Video featuring Michelle Chong which led to a significant improvement in engagement.

Our objectives for the campaign were to raise awareness through increased sign-ups via free $100 credits, increased participation in the subsidised activities and programmes offered as well as to encourage more social interaction opportunities for eligible individuals.

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Our BIG Creative Idea

Our first step was to create a vibrant, eye-catching creative that would be considered unorthodox compared to publicly-perceived stereotypes of government bodies.

To better connect with our target audience, we opted to use bright colours and imagery of young adults to give our visuals a youthful, energetic and inviting vibe, and to give the impression of going out with one’s own friends. Different shapes and patterns were used to increase the vibrancy and attractiveness of the creative.

Channels Utilised:

Out-of-Home; Bus & MRT Ads. Through-the-Line; Social Media & Google Display Network.

Train Ads:

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Social media videos utilised resulted in significant improvement in terms of engagement. More value was created for the client via prudent use of the budget; no TVCs were shot and lively animations and static images were used instead to attract and engage. Our client was happy with the end result.

Instagram Video: