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Campaign Objective

With over 120 years of history and a key household brand name, we were honoured to work with Po Chai Pills towards their digital and offline advertising goals.

Our 2018 digital campaign for Po Chai Pills was a continuation of 2017’s campaign in reaching out and increasing awareness among younger audiences. It was also about communicating its applicable efficacy as a relief for tummy-related discomfort.

Our BIG Creative Idea

We shifted our focus from demographics to our consumers’ intent and need for gratification. Our goal with our creatives was to respond with a relevant message at the right moment, right time and with the right intent.

Overeating as a Unique Selling Point (USP) was the best performer in our 2017 campaign. Building upon that success, we developed 2 new creatives to address the issue of overeating during celebrations, with Christmas and Chinese New Year being chosen. Based on Google Trends, overeating and indigestion are also ranked highly in Singapore.

Channels Utilised:

Through-the-Line; including Facebook, Google Display Network (GDN) and Bus Ads.

Google Display Network Ads (Festive Intent):

We also chose to focus on another targeted intent based on traveling, and creatives that were focused on air and road travel were developed.

Social Media Ads (Travel Intent):

Bus Ads:

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We had a View-Through Rate (VTR) of close to 80%, and witnessed a 2-fold increase in Google Display Network’s (GDN) Engagement Rate as compared to 2017. Our conclusion from this result is that digital channels has the capability to aid a mature brand in reaching out and actively engaging with much younger audiences.


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