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Campaign Objective

As part of the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s campaign against domestic violence, the message conveyed in “Break the Silence” implores victims of abuse or family/friends to speak out as the best way to break the silence once and for all.

Our objectives were to raise awareness in a way that is non-intrusive and approachable, yet easily talked about and discussed despite the taboo nature of the topic.

Our BIG Creative Idea

Our big idea started with a question, “how do we take an invisible, taboo topic and make it into an everyday conversational piece?”

Focused on a core message of “we should break the silence to protect ourselves”, we used simple and easily recognisable animated characters with bruises or tears together with speech bubbles to paint a powerful picture from the perspectives of the victims.

Channels Utilised:

Out-of-Home Advertising in the form of paper cups distributed around high-traffic areas as well as the use of Bus Ads.

Paper Cups:

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Bus Ads:

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Responses have been overwhelmingly positive:

“The cups are nicely designed and a great idea of putting the message at our pantries and meeting rooms, but the messages is (sic) a lot more serious.” – Lexmark

“We need to STOP these matters in the (sic) first world Singapore. Good to have these messages around so that we are more aware of such issues.” – PSA unboxed

“This is a fantastic idea of putting a serious message on the paper cups. Highly effective!” – Rohde & Schwarz Asia