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Campaign Objective

Our second time working with the Joint Polytechnics, our primary objective was to create buzz and hype around the Joint Poly Open House as well as to drive prospective students there to see for themselves the value of a practical, hands-on polytechnic education.

At the same time, this was a great opportunity to showcase all 5 polytechnics at once in order to enhance their overall branding in the minds of their target audience; students and their parents.

Our BIG Creative Idea

The single biggest question we started with when working on this campaign was, “how can we best connect with our target age group?” The logical conclusion we came to was “Passion”.

No demographics are as passionate as youth, and associating that with what they used to do as children was the best way to reinforce the concepts of “I used to” and “Now”; turning their childhood passions into significant real-world impacts.

Channels Utilised:

Out-of-Home; Bus, Train and Outdoor Ads.

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As children, curiosity would often get the better of us as we attempted to dissect the remote control, dad’s only radio and in unsuccessful circumstances, the television itself. What better way to utilise this inquisitiveness than to put it to engineering?

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A basic habit instilled in children would be to save money, often in the form of dropping coins into a piggy bank to be deposited into a savings account. We took the age-old concept of saving one’s allowance into growing profits in a real-world business context.

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Playing with Lego blocks and building imaginary cities have been a hallmark of growing up. In line with Singapore’s goal of being a Smart Nation, this was an opportune chance to bridge one’s childhood passion of creating together with creating a Smart Nation.

Train Ads:

Bus Ads:

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