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Campaign Objective

In Great Eastern’s celebration of their 110th anniversary, the GetGreat Mobile App was created with the first-ever Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Wellness Coach named GERI. With “LIVE GREAT” as the ultimate goal in mind, Great Eastern continually helps customers and the public-at-large live better, longer and healthier lives.

Our objective for the campaign was to raise awareness and ultimately increase the total number of downloads for the GetGreat App.

Our BIG Creative Idea

Our goal was to associate Live Great’s message with Great Eastern corporate branding and good health using the GetGreat mobile app.

We successfully combined these elements and conveyed the image of an active foreground against Singapore’s iconic backdrop, signifying that Great Eastern is at the end of the day a locally established organisation that has the well-being of her customers in mind, and that it’s possible to be active even with a Smartphone!

Channels Utilised:

Through-the-line platforms were used in order to target and acquire new leads, with a focus on Digital and Social Media, having the most potential for outreach and engagement.

Facebook Video:

Great Eastern’s corporate red was used to great effect on the man’s shirt and throughout the overall design in terms of the logo and copy, ensuring that viewers associate a healthy, on-the-go lifestyle with Great Eastern.


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Facebook Carousel Ad:

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