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Campaign Objective

To reach out and convey the message of the benefits of the Pioneer Generation Package (PGP) in relation to Medishield Life through a series of light-hearted videos, complemented with physical collateral to our target audience.

Channels Utilised:

Traditional Platforms:

Press, Outdoor Ads, Cable Television

Bus Stop 6-Sheet Ads:

Table Top Ads:

Digital Platforms:

YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, Facebook Video Ads, Google Display Banner

YouTube Pre-roll Video Ad

Facebook Video Ad

Our Results and Findings

Traditional Platforms:

Newspapers (Press Ads) as a medium netted us over 2.1 million readership.

With Cable Television Ads, we reached out to over 44% of our target audiences.

Traditional platforms are still effective when it comes to above-the-line or blanket marketing, ensuring that a significant amount of the population is able to be exposed to, experience and consume the advertisement and its messaging.

Digital Platforms:

For video ads on digital platform, we achieved an impressive double digit view rate. View rates were also similar across all age group demographics available, meaning our user targeting is effective in reaching out to anyone young or old.

Through execution of this media campaign, we’ve concluded that while the content remains key to being engaging for potential viewers, just as much weight must be placed on targeting this content to the right people, at the right time through the right media channels.

Screen Wraps – Coffee Shop: